Sunday, April 17, 2011


There are still random chunks of snow on the ground and the pond froze back over the other night when temperatures slipped back into the low 20s, but spring is coming.  Or at least, that is what I keep telling myself.  I am gearing up accordingly, my first crop of greens have been planted and have sprouted up nicely.  I have some speckled romaine, lettuce, arugula.  The other day I planted snap peas.  I could have planted them outside, they can withstand the cold, but my garden isn't ready yet.  Good thing too because we are getting hammered with a downpour right now and they would have all washed away.

I love dirt.  I love the possibilities of growth and new life.  I got hooked on gardening when I was around 6, my parents gave me a plastic turtle planter that I kept on the balcony of our flat.  A couple years later, I grew an entire row of tiny little tomatoes that just burst with flavor.  I was so proud of myself. Given a chance, I think a lot of kids are drawn to gardening.  My almost 3 year old son helped me plant the peas and we take a look every morning to see which ones have popped tender little shoots up towards the light.  He randomly sticks more seeds in the dirt and counts the new spouts.  Just looking at all my seed packets is fun.  Fedco seeds reign supreme in these parts.  

I'm not the only one sensing spring around the corner.  Last night my husband found this spotted salamander waiting beside our babysitter's car, gave her a good shock!  But it was sweet, almost smiling.  It's body was so cold but after about 5 minutes hanging out in a warm palm of a hand, he started moving around so back out to the pond he went.

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