Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Transit Options for Mainers

Maine is a very rural state, it is part charm here.  Back country roads, winding country roads, coastal routes, dirt roads, pothole filled roads.  Lots and lots of roads.  And it takes lots and lots of disposable income to drive all over those roads.  So I thought it was nothing short of pure genius to support (as in draft, find a co-sponosr and lobby the heck out of) a bill to provide bus service between two of our most populated and economically prosperous cities - Portland and Lewiston-Auburn ("LA"), not to be confused with the Calif LA, haha!  As if.

Anyway, the bill died an early and tragic death.  The reason?  Our transportation committee members felt that there wouldn't be any riders.  Sen. Doug Thomas (R) (did I really need to note the party?) actually suggested removing the shrink wrapped bus ads so everyone could see how empty the buses were.  Yep, that's right, it is a massive liberal conspiracy to wrap buses in paid advertisement from private businesses just to disguise the public transit failure.  Good grief.

Well, I fumed.  I hemmed, I hawed, I have no idea what is involved with those verbs, but I did it.  And finally, while smiling at a poll of 13,000 Mainers seeking to recall Governor LePage in an online petition, it dawned on me - do a poll!  So I am.  It is simple and to the point: do you think there should be transit options between Portland and LA?  Want to take a gander at it?  Here is the link:

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